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WhatsApp Plus APK Is one of the oldest WhatsApp MOD out there. This App will allow you to use WhatsApp With Extra features! This App will also help you to run dual WhatsApp Accounts in single android device

NameWhatsApp Plus
Category Communication
Last Update1 Day Ago

Get WhatsApp Plus APK latest version from this page. This mod allows you to use and experience FMWhatsApp in a manner that the default version is incapable of. The original version, though is very efficient for most folks, often proves to be limiting for power users. People who own businesses or those who converse to masses frequently usually complain about the various limitations set by the WhatsApp Developers. WhatsApp Plus, just like GBWhatsApp, takes care of this by eliminating multiple boundaries set by the creators to provide a more free and functional messaging experience.

The reason behind the hard-limits is unknown. Although, we do suspect it has to do with scaling. With a user-base of billions, it would be hard to provide consistent service if limits weren’t there. History tells us that the devs behind the original app have put out incremental updates periodically that have resulted in drastic changes overtime. People requiring those features are probably better off using a mod.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

To keep it simple, We are providing the latest version of WhatsApp Plus in APK format which means you can use it share to as many devices as you want. Keep in mind that installation from external sources should be enabled in your Android settings menu. This step is crucial as by default the Os does not enable third-party installations.

But if in case you have downloaded any apps in the past from places other than the google play store, chances are that you have the right option already enabled. Just toggle through the settings to find it out. One simple way to do that is to simply go ahead and initiate the installation. What this will do is that if the right option is enabled, it will proceed with the installation and if it does not go on as expected, then it means that you will have to play with your settings in order to get it right.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK


As described earlier, the main functionality of this app is that it removes limits that comes pre-decided with WhatsApp. But apart from it, there are other features that come as a bonus. If you are someone who use the messaging app more often than others, you might find few of these useful. Many users download this mod just because of these features and not for the main function. You can check for yourself whether this feature list is worthy of its notoriety or not.

  • Added Much More Customization Features in this Version of Whatsapp Plus.
  • Updated to The latest mod of WhatsApp.
  • You can send any files such as PDF, TXT, Docs and much more
  • Change theme easily with the help of applications
  • You can change launcher icon of WhatsApp
  • In-built lock which will lock your WhatsApp without third party software
  • Conversation text styles so that you can easily change styles of your whatsapp
  • Status clipboard which copies anyone’s status
  • Status limits increased to 255 character
  • You can be online forever with the help of this, but it may consume more battery
  • Save, load, share your themes with your friends.
  • Configure pictures pixels and size of the images.
  • A log which keeps track of your friends, who was online at what time.
  • Take a complete backup of all your chats and history so that whenever you install WhatsApp again you don’t need to do registration process.
  • You can also share high-quality images with the help of WhatsApp plus mod.
  • Anti-ban version.
  • Disable internet on WhatsApp plus using Aeroplane mode option.
  • Based on WhatsApp 2.20.231 version of WhatsApp.
  • Fixed Bugs.
  • Sort messages by Newest/Oldest.
  • Send private reply in groups.
  • Increased pin chat limit from 25 to 30.
  • Enabled stickers, now you can send stickers via WhatsApp plus.
  • No more forward tag to other person if you forward a message.
  • Increase forward limit for Indian users.
  • Enabled swipe to reply, group video calling.
  • Get notifications of which Messages was revoked.
  • Swipe up to lock recording voice message.
  • Play videos with your favourite video player.
  • Enabled UPI Payments feature.
  • Enabled search group participants, manage group admins, group settings.
  • Added auto reply feature, so you can automatically send reply to your contacts.
  • Ability to add group description in WhatsApp.
  • Added DND option to disable all incoming and outgoing sms.
  • Increase video limit in status.
  • Enabled Group Info Settings.
  • Hide last seen, Blue ticks and second ticks.
  • Filter specific messages while clear chats.
  • Anti-revoke messages mod which can not let other people delete sent messages to you.
  • Revoke multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • You Can Recall WhatsApp messages, schedule messages and much more.
  • Now Create Group Invite Links from This Whatsapp plus.
  • Video Call Added.
  • Always Online Mod, Option to disable voice calling.

The list is provided by the official developers of WhatsApp Plus for Android. Keep that in mind that it will continue to change as more patches/updates come in the future. Make sure to go through all steps mentioned in order to install the app to be able to use it as intended by the developers. The crash report handler is a very useful tool to report any lags/crashes that it detects on its own but you can still provide your feedback in the help section.

Wrapping up

In a market full of already popular mods like YoWhatsApp APK, WP manages to distinct itself with its unique features and looks and that is something impressive. Although, function wise it won’t gonna compete with top mods but it still has created a very niche audience for itself that keeps coming back to it because they have gotten accustomed to it.

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