Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile – JULY 2019

With the new year kicking in, it is finally time to upgrade that two year old handset you’re waiting to get rid of ever since it started lagging while playing PUBG. Its true that this game hyped the sales this year just by motivating people to get a better performing device. Whether its a good or bad thing we’ll leave up to you; What we will be helping you today with is judging the best possible smartphone money can by in India for playing PUBG. So start taking notes as we are about to dive in the ultra saturated sanctuary of Best Smartphones Under Rs. 15,000.

5. Infinix Note 5 – Rs. 8,999

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile

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This almost unknown company lowkey had the market by surprise When it launched Note 5 on Flipkart grossing a 4 star ratings. Apart from having a 18:9 ratio display and a 4,500 mAh juicebox, what else makes this phone ideal is its price. At Rs 8,999, Note 5 is a bargain considering that sweet Note 5 unlike other infinix phones features stock android without any bloatware. Considering the specs, we think it is safe to say that this phone can run PUBG Mobile just fine on medium settings, which makes it a good deal at this price.

4. Xiaomi Mi A2 – Rs. 14,885

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile

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If this phone looks familiar, it might be because you have seen Mi 6X – A china exclusive Device.

If you liked 6X then good new ! Its the exactly same Device ! Just re-branded for India. It rocks an impressive 20 MP main camera with a 12 MP selfie cam that puts numerous competitors of same price range to shame.

Why good for PUBG Mobile you may ask ?

That Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core SoC paired with 6GB of RAM (and 64GB storage, and 6GB of RAM with 128GB storage) does the game justice by providing it a worthy platform.

3. Realme 2 Pro – Rs. 14,990

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile

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This is a 6.3-inch Full HD+  beast running on  Snapdragon 660 SoC with 3 RAM options to choose from. Its easy to distinguish it from others as the teardrop notch is unique to it in this list. Realme, for those who don’t know is a subsidiary of OPPO and is being serviced all over the country. So, there won’t be trouble finding service centers in case issues arise.

2. Motorola One Power – Rs. 14,999

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile

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This, ladies and Gents, is your safest bet for a prolonged gaming experience with decent performance.

Decent performance makes sense due the  Snapdragon 636 octa-core SoC under the hood, running alongside 4GB of RAM and 64GB onboard storage; But why safest – You ask ?

The reason is, among the listed manufacturers, moto enjoys the cleanest record and all in average decent user reviews that makes it ideal to pick this phone over others. But that is totally upto you whether to side with past data or paper-specs.

1. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 – Rs. 14,999

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 For Playing PUBG Mobile

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The phone has attained a notorious image for being the best overall “PUBG Phone in a budget” and it seems rational when we look at the spec sheet :-

  •  6.26-inch  Full HD+ display Lighting 2280×1080 pixelson 19:9.
  • Snapdragon 660 octa-core SoC,
  • Available variants : 3GB RAM with 32GB storage, 4GB RAM with 64GB storage, and 6GB RAM with 64GB storage.

All the listed specs are exclusive to this device only on this list, especially the resolutions. It can handle ultra settings with less resource compromises and that 5,000 mAh battery is not going to die anytime soon.

Book Mark this page as “Best Smartphones Under Rs. 15,000“. We will be updating this list each month with new phones better suitable for playing PUBG. Full disclosure : All the buy now links are affiliate links.

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(Updated for May 2019)

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