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Freedom APK

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Last Updated 24 April 2022
Supported Android Android 2.0 & Above


Download Freedom APK : This page is dedicated to providing freshest version of Freedom APK for Android. You can use the link mentioned here in order to obtain the latest version of Freedom for Android. This tool possesses the ability to remove or add functionalities to Android Applications Just like Lucky Patcher. This means you will be needing an Android device in order to use this and that will be all. There is no other special requirement that is needed to be considered before downloading Freedom APK. The only prerequisite is the third-party installation checkbox available in the settings menu. You will have to check that before installing this tool. That particular option is present there as a safety measure to prevent un-authorized application installs. Since, Freedom is not available on Play Store, it becomes mandatory to allow foreign installations as we will have to use a binary APK file.


The good thing about APK file is that you can transfer it to anyone by any means possible. In other scenarios, transfer tools are required to be used since root data cannot be transferred within app launchers. APK files holds advantage in this regard and hence we chose an APK method to ensure that you get the latest version without much hassle. There are a number of things that you should know about Freedom APK before its installation, so we will be talking about the same here.

Download Freedom APK

Use the link mentioned here in order to download Freedom APK. This tool will make your Android experience much more interesting by allowing you to unlock the untapped features harnessed by your daily drivers. Make sure to follow the installation steps bellow in order to get the desired end result.freedom-apk

  • Download the file from link mentioned.
  • Make sure that your device is rooted otherwise Freedom APK won’t be able to work up to its standards.
  • Check on storage options as at least 20 mega bytes will be needed in order to install freedom APK
  • Locate the APK file from file explorer/manager
  • Tap on it to initiate installation process and wait until its done. Once its over allow root access to be given to this tool.
  • Apart from that, there will be certain permissions required to be given in order for it to launch and remove restrictions from your favorite apps
  • After this, the installation process is finally over and all you need to do is to locate its launcher from homepage or app drawer and start this app.
  • The homepage of Freedom APK will list all the apps that are already installed on your Android device. You can scroll your way through all of them and decide which one to get free in-app purchase on. A single tap can easily allow you to get all of your favorite features enforced for free.

Tap on the link and if you are on PC for some reason, click on it to get redirected on the download page. As mentioned, we will be taking control of periodical updates each time a new version comes out. So, you will not have to lurking around for on other places. Bookmark this page and check once in a while for updates. We provide original APK files that are much faster to download and easier to manage.

Features of Freedom APK

There are a number of useful functionalities and features that Freedom APK offers and they all revolve around removing restrictions and unlocking features. Just like Lucky Patcher, it analyzes the app nature and searches for the source files hidden in the root directory. That is right ! Source files of “Key” Status are hidden intentionally by the developers to prevent users from interfering with APP structure. The need for this measure can justified considering the possibility of inception of loop holes by the user during the process of source code modification.

  • It enables users to unlock premium features of an Application
  • You can easily remove restrictions from any app/game
  • There is no premium/ paid version of Freedom app for android, so no need to worry about paying anything to anyone
  • Since the earning source of the app is adverts, it does not exploit your devices for extra dimes.
  • Despite of not being the most famous modding tool, all the functions and options works exactly as promised. This makes it a better option over others of its kind.
  • The size of the APK file is considerably smaller to its peers.

But there is also a chance for successful coding attempts involving thorough analysis of app data and reverse engineering. Such scenarios are possible when the user is well-familiar with the ecosystem and is capable in the programming aspects.

Freedom APK 1.8.4 Download - Latest Version of Freedom APK


The only hypothetical situation left to be talked about is the normal users’ who wants to change the way their app feels, works or looks. Freedom APK is among the top choices of tools that can help in this case. Not only it does what it claims, it does that without the need of written commands or external computers. This way, you will be able to perform alterations inherently on handheld Android devices.


With the tremendous advancements, we sure as heck have reached a point where portable devices are on the verge of of bringing a human revolution. Android Os Played a huge role in achieving that benchmark. But there is one area still left to be conquered and that will be the freedom to customize the way an App works or appears. Most downloaded apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are still very boxy and static. Meaning you get what you see and only an official update can bring new stuffs to the table. Since when others started deciding what we like or dislike.

Think for a moment, Our favorite messaging or other digital features are bounded by the developer’s decision to change or function. Without them being in the place, users will be stuck with standard static apps present on the Play Store. Freedom APK brings a positive option to change the functionalities and appearance of Apps present on our smart devices.

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