When Will Google Stadia Launch in India, Korea & Japan ? – Stadia Launch Dates

When Is Stadia Going To launch in your region ? We have obtained the list of all places where Stadia will be available this year – Keep reading !

Gaming world is witnessing its single biggest groundbreaking phenomenon in probably a decade as big players like Google and Microsoft are laying streaming platforms for cloud gaming. Just recently announced Stadia is making waves lately with its hefty promises of high-end gaming without the need of any hardware in 10 – 25 megabit connections. Sounds gimmicky at first but such tech is already at hand with services like Playstation’s Online Streaming service and Rainway. But enough chit chat, what matters is when can we get our hands at this magical gaming service ?

Google Stadia Launch Date in India, Korea & Japan - When Is Stadia Coming to these countries ?

Good news if you are in west as Google shall be testing Stadia with limited early adapters starting this month. Stadia will gradually reach to 10+ western and European countries by late 2019. For countries like Korea and Japan the word on the street tells 2020 is the launch time.

Google Stadia Launch Date in Asian Countries

When it comes to India, Google officials have declined to comment saying they have no information regarding India at the moment. But analysts predict that it will take at least 2 years for Stadia to launch in India due to more complex procedures required.

  • India  –   2021 (Estimated)
  • Korea – 2020 (Estimated)
  • Japan – 2020 (Estimated)
  • Canada – 2019 (released)
  •  Ireland – 2019 (released)
  •  France – 2019 (released)
  • Germany – 2019 (released)
  • Italy – 2019 (released)
  • Spain – 2019 (released)
  •   Netherlands – 2019 (released)
  • Belgium – 2019 (released)
  • Denmark – 2019 (released)
  • Sweden – 2019 (released)
  • Norway – 2019 (released)
  • Finland – 2019 (released)

This is extremely disappointing for fans who have been waiting patiently for a long time for this service to launch. But we have to consider that implanting local servers is part of the process to facilitate such tech and in Asian countries, this will be specifically tougher for google to setup due to regulations and other inconveniences.

We do not know if hiding your IP will provide favorable effects but one can use VPN to buy stadia once it comes to US and hopefully some level of gaming in cloud could be experienced. To test the effectiveness of this tech, we tested an already established cloud gaming service named Vortex. At 9.99 bucks a month, vortex provides unlimited bandwidth of full on gaming of 50+ titles present in stream and other gaming stores. You won’t have to download anything, just pay and start playing. If you own a title already,say, PUBG – Then linking your steam account shall be enough to prove your ownership.

In our 10 MBps connection, games like fortnite and PUBG were running surprisingly well and changed our views in a lot of ways regarding streaming games online. If a startup like this can pull this off with a limited resource, imagine the caliber of Stadia with a literal deca-billion dollar backup and a humongous team. This might be the most ambitious thing Google has ever worked one and it might just pay off this time by making it Youtube of Cloud gaming.


Apart from being able to game without a hardware, there will be other incentives given to players. Stadia will connect to YouTube via player’s Google account and let the features of both exchange with each other. For example – While watching a gameplay, a user can direct stadia within YouTube to launch that same game and possibly even from that particular point as shown in the video. Its features like these that can create a new wave of cloud-players in the future. Gone the days when consoles vs PC wars were held. Cloud has potential to do consoles what Netflix did to DVD’s.

But it is too soon to accurately say everything at this point. There are similar products like Vortex which have been around for almost 2 years. But due to some reason cloud gaming still has not grabbed the pace it was anticipated to do when introduced in those CES Launches.

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