PUBG Mobile All Weapon Damage Stats – List of Damage by All Guns

PUBG Mobile All Guns DamageP92‘s Damage is 60 and time to kill on a headshot is 1.50 seconds. Sounds intriguing innit? Here we have the complete list of damage inflicted by each weapon in PUBG Mobile so you can re-arrange your priorities while gaming and strategize better. In-game mechanics are on point in PUBGM. The damage points specified always seems accurate while playing. Each an every weapon, no matter if a melee or gun, is tied to a specific damage point that shall take place on a single attack/fire. If you don’t play this game very often, it might not help that much but avid gamers will definitively benefit from the information mentioned here.

PUBG MOBILE All Weapon Damage Stats - List of Damage by All Guns

All the PUBG Gun Damage points have been collected from armory and self testing. You can test them out yourself as well. Check a weapon of higher damage that you thought was low. Play with it and try scrutinize what else you thought of could turn out different. This knowledge will help you figure out your favorite weapon and come on top of the food chain every time you play.


Melees are always underestimated in PUBG Mobile. Reality differs a lot as some of them have higher damage then few guns. That is a huge advantage especially if you are in front of a player with an inferior weapon.

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Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
Sickle 60 1.50 s
Crowbar 60 1.50 s
Machete 60 1.50 s
Jump and Punch 38 4.00 s
Fist 18 2.97 s
Pan 80 1.50 s


Shotguns Damage Points

Shot guns have a learning curve to them. But when used correctly, the can result in much more one-shot kill than some AR’s. The best scenario is having a choke on top of it as it composes the spread and maximizes the intensity. Second best will be having a duck bill but only controls vertical recoil. This Means that horizontally, The spread will remain same.

Shotgun Damage Ammo Time to kill
S686 216 12G Instant kill
S1897 216 12G Instant kill
S12K 198 12G Instant kill


Pistol Damage In PUBG

Landing in a crowded area mostly end up in pistol fights. If that happens always prioritize having a P92 due to its agility and damage. Not only it is the most powerful pistol but it is over all easier to control and reload as well. Apart from this, 9 mm ammo is present in abundance in all maps.

Pistol Damage Ammo Time to kill
Sawed-off 160 12G 0.25 s
P92 35 9mm 0.54 s
P1911 41 0.45 0.75 s
R1895 55 7.62 1.20 s
P18C 23 9mm 0.42 s
R45 55 0.45 0.75 s


LMG Damage Chart PUBG Mobile

Light machine guns comes with a learning curve. But it pays off when you get M249 in front AR like M416. Experts can easily aim and eliminate from medium range distances and not reload for whole fights due to the Magazine capacity of hundred bullets. But like said before, LMRs are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
M249 45 5.56 0.23 s
DP-28 51 7.62 0.33 s


PUBG Mobile Weapons – SMG

Ump9 Takes the cake here with the Highest Damage and on point recoil. This gun is so good on so many levels that many pro players use it as their primary weapons.

In short range, its lethal.

In mid range, it Assassinates.

In long range, It snipes !

That’s a actually true, You can add a 4X on it and switch ti single fire. I have come out on top in one on one fights against Kar 98 long range With my UMP on 4x.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
UZI 26 9mm 0.29 s
UMP9 39 9mm 0.37 s
Vector 34 0.45 0.22 s
Tommy Gun 40 0.45 0.34 s


 DMR Damage Points

When it comes to DMR, MK14 is second to none in terms of damage. But it is not that easily controlled as well. Apart from it QBU is an excellent over all weapon. In mid and long range, it has many advantages over Mark 14 that makes it the overall best DMR.


Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
SKS 53 7.62 0.20 s
VSS 41 9mm 0.26 s
Mini14 46 5.56 0.30 s
Mk14 61 7.62 0.18 s
SLR 58 7.62 0.20
QBU 48 5.56 945ms


Assault Rifles – Damage caused by m416 And others

Groza has the shortest kill – time than any other Automatic weapon in the game. If you get it in the supply drop, then you are good to go. But when you look at overall benefits, M416 is the best assault rifle and dare I say the best Gun in the entire game. All because of the number of attachments available, abundance of ammo and great recoil.


Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
AKM 49 7.62 0.30 s
M16A4 43 5.56 0.22 s
SCAR-L 43 5.56 0.29 s
M416 43 5.56 0.26 s
GROZA 49 7.62 0.24 s
AUG 43 5.56 0.26 s


PUBG Mobile Weapons – Sniper Rifles

AWM Has the highest damage. Higher than any gun. One bullet can pierce through an undamaged level 3 Armour making it the only gun to be able to do that.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
Kar98K 75 7.62 3.80 s
M24 79 7.62 1.80 s
AWM 120 300 1.85 s
Win94 66 0.45 1.20 s


Crossbow Damage in PUBG

It has its Own advantages including no – sound emoting and the ability to penetrate Level – 3 Helmet.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
Crossbow 105 Bolt 3.80 s

Hope you liked PUBG Mobile Damage Chart Spreadsheet we presented here. If you did then please share this article on social media and do let us know which your favorite weapon  in the comments bellow. Also, do let us know if there is a correction in this list because the game constantly gets updates and weapon stats are not constant.

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